Aquarium Fish – Gold Gourami


Gold Gourami, Blue Gourami and White Gourami are all colour variants of the Three Spot Gourami. The difference in the Gold Gourami is the lack of the three spots and the gold colouration. The Gold Gourami is considered a good community fish when small but has been known to chase smaller fish. They can also become more territorial as they grow. The tank should be setup to allow for hiding places for the quieter personality type fish, some dense plant cover is ideal.

Gouramis are extremely hardy fish. Although a labyrinth organ allows the fish to survive in oxygen depleted water, it is important to continue with regular water maintenance to avoid introducing disease to your aquarium.


Max Size: 15cm (6″)
Lifespan: 4-6 years
Origin: Southeast Asia
Temperament: Generally peaceful although some individuals may be aggressive with smaller fish
Diet: Omnivore (Gold Gouramis will eat almost all kinds of live, fresh, and flake foods)

Water Conditions
Temperature: 23 to 28˚C
Ph: 6.0 to 8.8 ph
Hardness: 5 to 35 dH

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